Thursday, September 25, 2008

The first Teens for Freedom blog

Hello my friends. This is a place where I will be blogging about both Republican and Democratic debates in teen lingo. I myself am a democratic 16 year old, who has very strong views on politics, and I think its time for teens to stand up and speak out, because if we dont, by the time we are able to vote, or be an adult, all our rights will be gone!!!! So please feel free to leave comments, debates, urls and the like, because it doesnt matter if you are Republican or Democratic, cuz we are ALL American! And we are ALL entitled to our rights.


Clarissa said...

Oktober, it's Grave. You should fix the cursor on the page. It's black and so is the backround, so I can't see where my cursor is.

gabrielle said...

I love you Toby but i really don't see the point of voting or encouraging the adults in our lives to vote either. Even since the time the constitution was written, the political leaders have thought the average American too stupid to be politically educated. therefore they created the Electoral College to save us from making the wrong choice. One vote by the average American won't make any difference so why bother trying?