Sunday, December 21, 2008

little updates


My computer has been down for the past little while (convienient right?) and I have been highly irrateted since I have not been able to blog about our presidential election.

Personally, being a democrat, I was naturally ecstatic over this years president elect, but thus far the only thing I have seen impressive is Obama going into meetings and talking about our problems with the people who can actually DO something about them. But that very move worries me still, as over the past years thats all that ever happens. We talk. Why? Because thats what we are good at. But I will keep my peace for now, as Obama has not had the genuine opportunity to make a difference.

Personal experianc:

So every day on my way to school my dad stops at the gas station and we get drinks. All of the cashiers are wonderful people but just a day or two before election night we were stopping in and on the TV there had been a broadcast of an interview with McCain. I made a point to my dad that I didnt like that all McCain could talk about was that he was a prisoner of war, and I made the statement that all he was was a senile old man. Well the cashier heard me say that and pointedly stopped and turned to me and said " He was a POW and that means he knows more about government. Obama wants to change everything and that will ruin our society. I feel I am a true american due to the fact that I dont want more taxes." Of course this took me by surprise and being so early in the morning I had nothing to say. The rest of the ride to school dad YELLED at me. I swear he didnt even stop to breathe. He made the point that what I had said was embarrasing because what if that man had been a soldier and that I didnt know what I was talking about and that I had been disrespectfull.
So that day I decided to have a chat with one of my teachers who had served in the military for thirty years about what the war was like and about what had happened the previouse morning.
The next day the same cashier was there and I was able to argue my piont.
"first off, McCain spent four years in a hole, that does not make him any more or less educated in government. Second, Obama does want a change, and its about time for one seeing as how the economy is shit. And honestly, how much can he really change in at least four years? Things dont just magically happen that he is put into office and America is 100 % completely differant. Obama has seen other countries, and has lived the lives they live. He understands the culture, and thus knows how to negotiate with other countries, because he UNDERSTANDS them. If McCain and Palin are put into office, they will start taking away rights, or not letting us have rights such as gay marriage or abortion. Now, I dont like abortion, but it is a RIGHT, and we as Americans should DEMAND our rights, not take them away from ourselves, or other people. Gay marriage shouldnt have to be debated, this is 2008, not the beggining of America when homosexuals were tossed on to buring pile of wood, which is where we adopted the word "fag" as an insult for gays. True, if they were in office things would be better (how can they get any worse?) but it would be the start of the fall of America. We are built on rights, that is why people come here, and if your willing to take those away from people so that you dont have to pay a little extra on your taxes, than what kind of American are you really?"

My dad apoligized for yelling at me on the ride to school.

So yea, there is a little story for you guys, and if you have anything to add to the previouse statements please do.

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